Anil Sohagiya

The Chairman of the school Shri Anil Sohagiya is deeply spiritual and generous gentleman with great insight into education. He is an engineer from l.d. Engeering Colleges Gujarat University, Also a philanthropist, educationist admistrator, teacher and founder of Utopia School
UTOPIA SCHOOL is commencing in its seventh progressive year. The Managing Committee has been proactively involved in making the staff and students joint owners of the new projects and innovative ideas coming up this year. I would like to congratulate the change agents working relentlessly, the principal and the team of torch bearers of the generation next for their best efforts year after year. The Local Management Committee will continue to take steps to help strategically plan towards ensuring an educationally sound and innovative future for our school. I hope that we will work together to make each day a meaningful, productive and a happy one for everyone at school.
It gives me great pleasure to write a few words on the occasion when the Utopia School begins a new session. With an established history of last seven years behind us, the school constantly provides education which nurtures creative and innovative talents.
The additional infrastructural facilities coming up at the school are to provide enhanced educational opportunities for the children. Academic and skill development programs for students and staff are planned to make us a better school. Every effort is made to take the school towards new levels of excellence. It is this motivated atmosphere in the school that will create yet another decade that is bright and laced with opportunities for all.
“We believe that education is all about giving roots, and will provide our children the wings. Every day, we strive to give our children the roots that will stand them in good stead, both in learning and attitudes, in skills and values. A world-class school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and an Indian soul. Yet being competent at national level. The accent, all throughout, has been on enabling children to discover the world in enjoyable ways and make them good learners as well as good persons.