For the all-round development of the students, we encourage them to partic7ipate in various Co-curricular activities like Dance, Drama, Fancy Dress, Elocution, Origami, Calligraphy, Story Writing, etc.. UTOPIA School is known about its various endeavours wherein we allow children to stay connected with real life.


UTOPIA JUNIORS is an impressive Pre-Primary Section comprising of MANY students studying from Nursery to Class I. It is well equipped with a dedicated team of trained teachers who are like the second mothers of the children. The school has all the necessary infrastructural facilities, teaching aids, audio visual room and activity room as well as trained dance teachers, music teachers and physical educators to develop the tiny toys in an all-round manner.

The highlights of the pre-primary section are that the children learn in a complete stress-free environment. Several activities are undertaken to develop their gross and fine motor skills like palm painting, cotton work, leaf painting, sponge work, sand play, water play, thumb painting, paper scrambling, mud work, wool work, ice-cream stick painting etc which also enhances their artistic skills and teamwork.

The school also organizes various events like Festival celebrations, Tumbling day concert, Sports day, ANNUAL day, Poem recitation and Fancy dress competitions.

Thus the school ensures a holistic learning, imbibing all the traditional values and an innovative approach the pre-school education.


At this stage, we teach them skills of learning. Interactive approach is adopted. Learning is mostly project based and our effort is to draw out the best of their latest talents th rough the ruberics as per the guidelines given by cbse.middle, secondary and senior secondary a very well defined dav/cbse syllabus is followed with special attention. Extra inputs are made available for their preparation for the board examination and entrance for professional streams. Our students are made to taste the competitive environment prevailing throughout the country and are guided to cope with it successfully. Sports and games the sports and games complex ensures good health. Emphasis on regular exercise for physical fitness is the key aspect. Well qualified physical training instructors supervise all games. To enhance team spirit, we encourage many games such as cricket, football, volleyball etc.


The secondary school prepares the children for more rigorous academic requirement.

The secondary curriculum, apart from strengthening the student’s education base, is designed to develop the student’s capacity to reason, judge, evaluate and decide. The emphasis is on learning concepts and applying them rather than learning by rote.

All the subjects are taught by the subject specialist teachers who work with students to develop thorough understanding of the topics.


The language program in the school has clear objectives of developing language skills in students. It enables the students to have competence and confidence in using language.

The tools used in primary school to enable this learning are guided reading program, show & tell, Role play, drama, songs, poetry story-telling, writing of short stories, essays etc. Language development is a continuous process happening across all the subject classes. Participation in the classroom discussions is a very important tool for language development and it is highly encouraged in our school.

Students are encouraged to read a wide variety of books to expand their horizon. Creative writing, making drafts, editing reports, journals and essay writing are part of the comprehensive language development program.